Tor Browser for Desktop

To protect yourself against tacking and surveillance when surfing the web? You can try Tor Browser, we’ll share the way to get Tor Browser for Desktop in this article,  there are lot of versions for different operation systems and languages, let’s see how to Download Tor Browser ~

Tor Browser for Desktop


Tor Browser for Desktop


In this post, we will introduce the way to download Tor Browser via Tor Project(website), Tor Project, Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which deeply committed to transparency and the safety of its users. To know more about Tor, please refer History of Tor, and Support for FAQs.

There are different versions for different Languages and Operation Systems for users, we will show you how to get it, let’s see. 

To get Tor Browser for your smart phone? Could refer Tor Browser for Mobile.


Download Tor Browser

Change Language


Official Site :  Tor Project

▼ To get Tor Browser for desktop devices, firstly, we enter official website(, if you want to change language, Hover your mouse on current language(English) at the right of the page, then Select the language you prefer.

Download Tor Browser

How to get (1) Download Tor Browser


▼ After changing the language, click on Download Tor Browser, you will see the Logos for different OS, Click on the Logo, you will get installation file directly. 

tor browser mac

How to get (2) Alpha I


▼ To get Tor Browser Alpha, click Download Tor Browser Alpha, then scroll down the page a bit.

tor browser download windows

How to get (2) Alpha II


▼ You can see lots of version of Tor, find your preferred language, OS, there are versions for: 

Windows 32-bit /64-bit

MacOS 64-bit

GNU/Linux 32-bit/64-bit

Click on the link, and you will get Installation.

Note : If you need installation instructions, please see below.

tor download mac

How to get (3) Stable I


▼ To get Tor Browser stable release for your device, click Download Tor Browser in your language, then scroll down to see more.

tor project

How to get (3) Stable II


▼ You will see lots of versions for languages and operation systems, find you language and OS, they provide: 

Windows 32-bit /64-bit

MacOS 64-bit

GNU/Linux 32-bit/64-bit

Click on version link, and you will get Installation.

Note : If you need installation instructions, please see below.


Installation Instructions


Open Page :  Tor Browser User Manual

▼ To know how to setup Tor Browser, could refer User Manual, I’ve chosen the Installation category for you.

Enter the page, you can read the instruction according to your OS, you can also find how to use Tor here.

install tor browser

Follow the steps above, and you will get Tor Browser to protect your privacy, please share this to more people if it works on you, thanks~

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