Tor Browser for Mobile

To prevent yourself from internet tracking and surveillance? You can try out Tor Browser, we’ll share how to get Tor Browser for Mobile (Android / iOS) in this post, let’s look how to Download  Tor Browser App~

Tor Browser for Mobile


We’re introducing the way to download Tor Browser via official website of Tor Project, Tor Project, Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which committed to transparency and the safety of its users. To discover more about Tor, please refer History of Tor, and Support for FAQs.

And we will share how to get Tor Browser mobile app for Android and iOS devices in this post, let’s check this out~

To get Tor Browser for your computer, please refer Tor Browser for Desktop .


Download  Tor Browser App

Tor Project


Official Website :  Tor Project

▼ To download Tor Browser for mobile , firstly, we enter Official Site, then move down and tap Download Tor Browser.

Download  Tor Browser App


For Android smart phone and tablet users, there are Alpha and Stable release versions available : 

Android App (1) Alpha I


▼ To get Alpha Tor Browser for your device, move down and tap Download the latest alpha build under the Android Logo, then move down to the bottom of the page to find Tor Browser for Android Alpha.

tor mobile

Android App (1) Alpha II Google Play


▼ Here are all Alpha versions of Tor Browser, includes Windows, Mac, Linux and Android versions.

Google Play :   Tor Browser(Alpha)

▼ You can tap Google Play to access Play Store to download Tor Browser (Alpha), and there are also other download links available for different CPU architectures(aarch64~x86_64).

tor browser download

Android App (2) Stable release I


▼ To get Stable release version of Tor Browser, Tap the Android Logo, and you can see all the provided versions, like  Apk files for different CPU architectures(aarch64~86_64).

tor browser for iphone

Android App (2) Stable release II Google Play


▼ Tap Go to Google Play, you can Install Tor Browser in Play Store.

Note :  Tap Go to F-Droid, and you can follow the instructions to access official Repository to download it.

tor browser android

iOS App : Onion Browser


▼ For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users, the Tor Project doesn’t develop Tor mobile for iOS for now, but they recommend an iOS app called Onion Browser.

App Store :  Onion Browser

▼  You can find the link under Android download page, or you could open the link above to get Onion Browser.  

tor browser ios

Follow the steps above, and you will get Tor Browser for mobile to protect your privacy, please share this to more people if it works on you, thanks~

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