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To use some Chinese internet services like KouGo Music, NetEase Music, Youku? Guess that you might encounter some problems like blocked sites, blocked apps ,restricted region ,etc.  In this post , we will introduce a Mobile Application named Speedin App  to unblock this restriction , let’s see how to VPN into China

VPN into China


▼ There are tons of ways to set vpn into China , the reason why I recommend Speedin App is easy and free to use , we can get access to Chinese internet services by Speedin App extremely fast! 


Speedin App

How to download ?


▼ To unblock services in China, firstly we need to get 快帆Speedin App, you could refer Speedin for Mobile to download this App(Android/iOS).

vpn into china free

How to use (1) Open > Skip


(Using Android App here)

▼ Entered application , we click 跳过 (skip) at the bottom right corner , and we can use it without logging in. 

vpn into china 2019

How to use (2) Permission


▼ In main screen , first we agree to Connection request , and it reminds you to switch on VPN prior to opening restricted Chinese internet service.

vpn into china app

How to use (3) On


▼ Agreed request , we click the round button named 开启Switch on) ,then it will start working , when appeared 回国成功 ( Success to set VPN into China ) , we are free to use those blocked services in China!  

china vpn free

How to use (4) Off


▼ Intent to Switch off VPN , only have to click round button 断开 (Switch off) , and it would appear 开启 (Switch on) again.

china vpn block

With few steps , we could start using blocked sites, apps in China , Speedin App is not only easy to use , but also free , that’s why I use it a lot when using Chinese websites, apps. If you like my article , please SHARE it or give us a LIKE ,thanks!