How to use Xiami Music outside of China

Can’t use Xiami Music ouside China? To unblock your application, you could refer this post to know How to use Xiami Music outside of China, let’s look~

How to use Xiami Music outside of China


In this article, we’ll share how to use Xiami Music app from outside of China, you could follow the steps below to unblock it.


Unblock Xiami Music app



▼ If you haven’t got Xiami Music, could refer Xiami Music for mobile to get this app(APK).

Unblock Xiami Music app


Unblock Xiami Music



▼ If you use Xiami Music outside of China, you can see lots of songs are in lighter color, tapping on those songs shows “We are trying to get its copyright…”, these songs can’t be played, but we can tap 播放MV to Play MV.

We can play songs in darker color, but lots of songs still can’t be played, let’s see the steps below to unblock this app. 

xiami music copyright

How to unblock (1) Using VPN


▼ To play songs in Xiami Music, firstly, close your mobile application, then you could refer VPN into China to link the server in China.

After you linked up the server, open Xiami Music app , you can see those songs are in dark color now. 

unblock xiami music

How to unblock (2) Done


▼ Tap the song you want to listen to, and it’s playing~ Don’t forget to turn off the VPN after use, and turn it on again before listening to the music.

xiami music boundary

Follow the steps in this post, and you can easily unblock your Xiami Music app, please Share this to more people if it works on you, Thanks~