Use Xiami Music Outside China | Xiami Music is not region restricted ?!

Hi, guys ! Recently ,  I tried many Chinese Music Mobile Apps , like Kugou, QQ , NetEase Music , encountered region restriction issues when using them , need to set VPN into China to solve this problem , and this time we are going to try Xiami Music app to see if we could Use Xiami Music Outside China ,let’s have a look! 

Use Xiami Music Outside China


Use Xiami Music Outside China


▼ To download Xiami Music Mobile App, it is available on Xiami Official Website , we could find download links for different devices like Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows there,  click link below to enter .

Download Page : Download Xiami Music App

Xiami Music App

▼ We could also search from our (Android) Google Play or (iOS) App Store , or click link below to get Xiami Music App on your phone. 

Google Play :  Xiami Music for Android


對使用iPhone、iPad或iPod touch等蘋果裝置的讀者,須使用中國大陸區域Apple ID才能下載應用程式,若需要可參考 建立中國大陸Apple ID一文,切換ID後再進入商店即可取得。

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod these iOS devices , to download Xiami App from China App Store , we need to use China Apple ID.

App Store :  Xiami Music for iOS

download xiami music

( The following tutorial will demonstrate with Android App )

▼ Downloaded and installed app , open our Xiami Music App ,  and click 点击进入 (click to enter) to get in .

nblock xiami music

▼ Entered Xiami Music App , open a random song list , find most songs are in black color, and we can play them without problem , but notice some songs are in grey color , there are problems with these songs. 

xiami music outside china

▼ Click these songs in grey , a pop-up window shows ” Xiami is trying to get copyright for this song ”  , we could play MV in some of these songs, but some is not.

xiami music vpn

▼ Think it might be region restriction issue , tested with some VPN software practically and got the same result (some is restricted), but the good thing is that we still have lots songs to listen to , those songs in grey only take up a small portion.

download xiaomi

If you don’t want to use VPN software or spend money on Music mobile app , Xiami Music might be a good Application for you , there are still tons of free songs to listen to and download for users outside China , recommend you to try this free app out!  If it works for you , give us a LIKE or SHARE this article for us , thank you! 

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