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Hi, guys , when you are using QQ Music app QQ音乐 , might encounter blocked service , region restriction issue . Today , I will show you how to solve this , let you free to Use QQ Music Outside China , totally unblock QQ music app . Let’s see how to do it! 

Use QQ Music Outside China


Use QQ Music Outside China



QQ Music App

Download QQ Music


▼ For Android phone/tablet users, you can click link below to download app for your smart phone , or you could also search “QQ music android” on browser to get QQ Music App.

Google Play : Download QQ Music App for Android


For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users, have to switch to China Apple ID to get QQ Music, could refer Sign up for a China Apple ID to create, then open the link below to get QQ Music application.

App Store : Download QQ Music App for iOS

Unblock QQ Music App

QQ Music 1 Permission


(The following tutorial will demonstrate with android app)

▼ Downloaded and installed app , when we open QQ music , have to agree storage and calls permissions, then we click the green button 确定 OK , and allow permissions. 

qqmusic blocked

QQ Music 2 cancel


▼ Agreed permissions , we can 跳过 skip and 取消 cancel these pages , don’t have to log in with any account .( If you like , you could log in wechat account or QQ account at the bottom. ) 

qq music region block

QQ Music 3 Search


▼ On the main interface , (1) we click 音乐馆 music hall , and we could choose like Singer, Top , Category , Radio , Video , (2) and you could also type in some keyword to 搜索 search for songs you like.

qq music region restriction

QQ Music 4 Restriction


▼ Entering a random song list , we will see some songs in black color , we can listen to these songs with no problem , but when we click the songs in grey color ,  a pop-up window tells us ” Sorry, region restriction ……. ,  click 我知道了 I know to close this window. 

qq music can't listen

Unblock QQ Music App

How to unblock


Here is a free Application named Speedin App to help you use QQ Music outside China , you could enter following link to see how to download and operate Speedin App. 

VPN into China :  Download and Use Speedin App


▼ Switch on VPN with Speedin App , and we could set VPN into China .

qq music can't play

Problem solved 


▼ Restart QQ Music App, we can see all the songs are in black , you could play any song you like , click the bottom will open music player.

can't use qq music

Disable Speedin App


Here is the music player ! (Left) After using QQ Music, don’t forget to switch off your Speedin App!

qq music outside of china

With few easy steps , we can unblock QQ Music App quickly , Speedin App is really easy and free to use ! If it works for you , give us a LIKE or SHARE this article for us , thank you! 

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