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Using QQ Music app might encounter blocked service , region restriction issue . Today , I will show you how to solve this , let you free to Use QQ Music Outside China , totally unblock QQ music app . Let’s see how to do it! 

Use QQ Music Outside China


In this post, we will share how to unblock your QQ Music app from outside China, let’s see the steps below~


QQ Music App

Download QQ Music


▼ Haven’t got QQ Music App(Android/iOS), please refer QQ Music for mobile to download it.

Unblock QQ Music App

QQ Music 1 Permission


(The following tutorial will demonstrate with android app)

▼ Downloaded and installed app , when we open QQ music , have to agree storage and calls permissions, then we click the green button 确定 OK , and allow permissions. 

qqmusic blocked

QQ Music 2 cancel


▼ Agreed permissions , we can 跳过 skip and 取消 cancel these pages , don’t have to log in with any account .( If you like , you could log in wechat account or QQ account at the bottom. ) 

qq music region block

QQ Music 3 Search


▼ On the main interface , (1) we click 音乐馆 music hall , and we could choose like Singer, Top , Category , Radio , Video , (2) and you could also type in some keyword to 搜索 search for songs you like.

qq music region restriction

QQ Music 4 Restriction


▼ Entering a random song list , we will see some songs in black color , we can listen to these songs with no problem , but when we click the songs in grey color ,  a pop-up window tells us ” Sorry, region restriction ……. ,  click 我知道了 I know to close this window. 

qq music can't listen

Unblock QQ Music App

How to unblock


Here is a free Application named Speedin App to help you use QQ Music outside China , you could enter following link to see how to download and operate Speedin App. 

VPN into China :  Use Speedin App


▼ Switch on VPN with Speedin App , and we could set VPN into China .

qq music can't play

Problem solved 


▼ Restart QQ Music App, we can see all the songs are in black , you could play any song you like , click the bottom will open music player.

can't use qq music

Disable Speedin App


Here is the music player ! (Left) After using QQ Music, don’t forget to switch off your Speedin App!

qq music outside of china

With few easy steps , we can unblock QQ Music App quickly , Speedin App is really easy and free to use ! If it works for you , give us a LIKE or SHARE this article for us , thank you! 

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