Use QianQian Music outside China

Tried to use Baidu Music App few month ago , found most songs in Baidu Music are blocked for users outside China , did fix this problem successfully by some VPN software.  Recently, found Baidu Music is renamed as QianQian Music , and I tried to use it overseas to see if we can Use QianQian Music outside China , let’s check it out ! 

Use QianQian Music outside China


How to play QianQian Music

Download QianQian Music App


▼ The First thing for us is to download QianQian App, if you haven’t got it, could see QianQian Music for mobile to get this app(APK).

QianQian Music App


( The following tutorial will demonstrate with Android App )

▼ After we downloaded and installed app , open our QianQian Music App ,  and clicked 立即体验 try it now to use it .

qian qian music player download

▼ Entering QianQian Music App , opened a random song list , found all songs are in black color, and we can play every song we like (using Baidu Music before , most songs were in grey , and we couldn’t play them) , all the songs are available in QianQian Music App, really nice! 

unblock baidu music

QianQian Music App 

How to unblock


But if you still encounter region restriction issue, to solve this , here is a free Application named Speedin App to help you access restricted content outside China , you could enter following link to see how to download and operate Speedin App. 

VPN into China :  Download and Use Speedin App


▼ After Switching on VPN with Speedin App , we could set VPN into China easily, then restart your music App , and we could play those restricted songs , it works fine on Kugou, QQ , and NetEase Music Apps.

baidu music download

▼ After using Music App , you could click 断开 (off) to diconnect VPN. 

baidu music vpn

After Baidu Music reamed as QianQian Music, all the songs are available , it is very nice for users outside China! But if you still find some content is blocked , could try Speedin App to set VPN into China, this application is very easy to use, recommend you to try this free app out!  If it works for you , give us a LIKE or SHARE this article for us , thank you!