Use Kugou Music Outside China | Unblock Kugou Music app

Hi, guys , you might encounter blocked service , region restriction issue when you are using Kugo Music app 酷狗音乐 . Today , I will show you how to solve this problem, let you free to Use Kugou Music Outside China , totally unblock Kugou music app . Let’s see how to use it overseas! 

Use Kugou Music Outside China


Use Kugou Music Outside China


▼ Found Kugou Music App is not available on Google Play Store , and I tried to download app from their web page ( )by my Android phone , but the page is totally blocked! Tried to enter another page to download ( ) , and it worked !   

Unblock Kugou Music App

Unblock Kugou Music App

Download Kugou Music


To download Kugou Music App for your Android phone , we enter link below , and click blue button named 立即下载 (download now) , it would start to download Kugou music apk  file on your device. 

Android App : Download Android Kugou Music App

To download Kugou App for your iOS phone, enter link below , then clicked blue button named App Store 一键下载 (Download by one click) , it would go to App Store Download page.

iOS App : Download iOS Kugou Music App

kugou music download

Unblock Kugou Music App



(The following tutorial will demonstrate with android app)

▼ Complete app installation , open Kugou music and click a random song list , (1) we will see some songs in black color , (2) these songs are available with no problem , (3) but when we click the songs in grey color , (4) a pop-up window tells us ” ……, region restriction …blah blah blah…. , (5) click 我知道了 (I know ) to close this window.

unblock kugou music

Unblock Kugou Music App

How to unblock


To solve region restriction , I recommend a free Application named Speedin App to help you use Kugou Music outside China , you could enter following link to see how to download and operate Speedin App. 

VPN into China :  Download and Use Speedin App

Don’t want to use VPN software ? try it out! 

No region restriction :  QianQian Music App outside China

No VPN : Use Xiami Music outside China


▼ Easily switch on VPN with Speedin App , and we could set VPN into China .

kugou music vpn

Unblock Kugou Music App

Problem solved


▼ Restart Kougo Music App, we can see all the songs are in black , you could play any song you like !

download kugou

Unblock Kugou Music App



After using Kugou Music , you could click 断开 (off) to disconnect VPN. 

kugou music outside china

With few easy steps , we can unblock Kugou Music App quickly , Speedin App is really easy and free to use ! If it works for you , give us a LIKE or SHARE this article for us , thank you! 

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