Switch account on WeChat

Want to log in two accounts on your WeChat mobile app? Actually, it provides this feature on WeChat, to see how to Switch account on WeChat, let’s follow our steps to set it up~

Switch account on WeChat


In this post, we are introducing how to add and switch account on WeChat mobile app in a few steps, let’s keep looking~


Add account on WeChat

Step (1) Me > Settings


▼ To add another account on your WeChat App, firstly, we open Me page and tape Settings.

Add account on WeChat

Step (2) Switch Account


▼ Swipe down to the bottom and tap on Switch Account, then you will see the account management page. 

switch wechat account

Step (3) Add Account > Log In


▼Tap on Add Account, select your Region(if need), enter your Number, and tap Next.

Enter your Password, then tap Log In.

add another wechat account

Step (4) Done > Switch


▼ Passed the account verification, your new account is logged in successfully.

Tap Switch Account (Me > Settings) again , and you can tap the other account to switch to it. 

2 wechat account iphone

Conclusion :   Following the step above , and you can easily add and switch account on WeChat , please share this post if it works on you ,thanks.

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