Set up a recovery phone number on Google

Want to add a phone number to your Google account? To Change or remove the number? It’s easy to Set up a recovery phone number on Google, we’ll show your how to do this in a few steps in this post, let’s have a look~

Set up a recovery phone number on Google


Set up a recovery phone number on Google


In this post , we will introduce how to check and set (add, change, remove) your recovery phone on Google (mobile site), let’s see.


How to add a recovery phone

Step (1) Google Apps > Account


Open Website : Google

▼ To review, add, change, or remove your back-up phone number , firstly , we open and log in your Google account , tap Google Apps , then tap on Account button.

How to add a recovery phone

Step (2) Personal Info > Phone


▼ Select Personal info tab , and scroll down to Contact Info section, you could find your recovery phone on Phone item, we tap > to set up your recovery phone.

google backup cell phone

Step (3) Add now > Password Verification


▼ Tap on Add now , and enter your Password to verify your ID.

google backup contacts

Step (4) phone > Get Code


▼ Select Country code , enter number and tap Next , then check your number again.

Tap on Get Code , and you will receive SMS verification code. 

google recovery account phone

Step (5) Verify the code > Done


▼ Enter the code , tap VERIFY , and it is Done, your Phone number added.

google recovery information


How to remove number

Step (1) Remove > Verify


▼ Once you would like to delete the number from your account , open Phone number page ( Account > Personal Info > Phone) , tap > and click to select Remove

Enter your password to verify your account. 

Note : You can select Edit to change a number.

google account recovery number



▼ Select REMOVE NUMBER and this Phone number removed.

google recovery phone number change

Conclusion :  To review or set up your recovery number on Google , you can easily do it by following the steps above , please SHARE this post if this works on you , thanks!