Register Weibo Outside China | Sign up Weibo without Phone number ?!

Recently, I’ve tried some ways to Register Weibo outside China , and today I will show you two kinds of Weibo registrations ,  which include Mobile number and Email registration, then this tutorial will also show you how to register without binding your phone number , let’s see how to register Weibo .

Register Weibo outside China


In this post , we will introduce how to create a Weibo account via Phone Number and Email , let’s keep looking.


Sign Up Weibo outside china

Enter Registration Page


▼ To register Weibo account , we click the link below , this page is in English,  you could translate it to your native language by your browser.  

Registration Page :  Weibo Registration

Sign up weibo outside china

Pick a method to register


Before signing up via your phone number , please note that registration via phone number (Use your Mobile Number part) , you will need to log in with this number in the future , it will also be bound with your account , if you don’t want to  bind your number or log in with it , please refer Use your E-mail to register below.


Use your Mobile Number -1


▼ Entering the registration page ,first we introduce how to sign up Weibo via your mobile number: (1) Click the flag and choose your Country , (2) then fill in your phone number , (3) click “Get A-Code for free” , we will receive SMS verification code . 

sign up weibo without phone number

Use your Mobile Number -2


▼After getting SMS verification code ,we input the code and your password into the corespondent field, then click “Sign Up Now” button.  

sign up weibo using email

Use your Mobile Number -3


▼ Update your info by completing these fields like nickname, birthday, gender, and location , then click “Enter Interest” to enter next page . Next , Select your interest and simply click “Enter” , you will be in Weibo with your new account!     

register weibo without phone


Sign Up Weibo outside china

Use your E-mail -1


In this part of tutorial , we will introduce to sign up via your E-mail, same here enter the registration page below. 

Registration Page :  Weibo Registration

▼ To register via E-mail, please click “Use Email” , and we fill in Email, Password , Verification Code , then click “Sign Up Now” button.

register weibo overseas

Use your E-mail -2


▼ Same here need to (1) choose your Country , (2) fill in your number , but this is for security verification , instead of binding your account ! (3) Then we click “免費獲取簡訊驗證碼” (Get Verification Code for free) , (4) input SMS Verification Code in the field , (5) finally click “提交” (Submit) button.

register weibo email

Use your E-mail -3


When I tried to register Weibo , I found out we can register via TextNow Phone Numbers , but we can’t use this account for a long time , TextNow Number will be reset in a few days, and it will be a big problem to verify your account when the number is reset !  ( Temporary use only )  Registration via email will not bind with your phone number , so I recommend you guys registering Weibo via E-mail more. If your phone number is not available for Weibo verification , enter the post below to learn how to download TextNow and get a TextNow free phone number.


TextNow Registration :  Get Free US Phone Numbers

Note :  Choose US as your Country when registering via TextNow Phone Number.

register weibo without number

Use your E-mail -4


▼ Then Update your info by completing these fields like nickname, birthday, gender, and location , clicking “Enter Interest” to next page .  Next , Select your interest and simply click “Enter” , you will be access to Weibo with your new account!     

weibo register overseas

Found out that we could verify Weibo registration via TextNow , in that way you could register Weibo without phone number easily. Hope all of you register Weibo account without problem , if any , leave me a message below, thanks!

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