Register NetEase Mail outside China | Free E-mail service

NETEASE Mail ( )is a free E-mail service in Mainland China , provide unlimited mail storage space for its users , if you are interested in NetEase Mail , could refer this tutorial to get a free NetEase E-mail, let’s see how to Register NetEase Mail outside China !

Register NetEase Mail outside China


Register NetEase Mail outside China

163 mail


To get a 163 mail or NETEASE account , we could follow this tutorial to sign up easily.

First , we click link below to go into , then press the button named 注册免费邮箱 (Register Free E-mail). :  Enter and Register

Or enter Registration Page directly 

Registration Page :  To get a 163 mail

163 mail

▼ Entered registration page , we select Country code first.   

If you can’t find your Country code , PC users could look up your Country code by hot key ( Windows : Ctrl + F  ,  Mac : Command + F ) , Mobile phone users could also use ” find in page ” feature in browser. 

▼ For example , I looked up 886 to get my Country Code +886 fast.

▼ After getting your Country Code, (1) we type in our E-mail address and choose E-mail domain(, , ) , then (2) input your phone number  and (3) type in Text verification Code , and (4) click the button name 免费获取验证码 (Get Free Verification Code).

▼ Next , we fill in our Password ,Confirm Password and Verification Code from SMS , then agree terms of use and privacy…, finally click the green button named 立即注册 (Register Now).

▼ With these steps , we sign up our 163 mailbox successfully! 

From now on , you could log in your 163 mailbox , and start to use your free E-mail service , hope all of you get a 163 mail fast and easily by this tutorial , if it works for you , please share this post for us , thanks! 

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