Register Multiple Wechat accounts

Some people might want to get more Wechat accounts because of work or personal needs ,  but we have to bind up a phone number with Wechat account when registering , you might want to know how to Register Multiple Wechat accounts ! We are going to introduce how to Create Wechat account in this post , and you can even sign up lots wechat accounts , let’s see how to do it .

Register Multiple Wechat accounts


Create Wechat account

TextNow App


▼ To register a Wechat account , we need to bind up a phone number with the account , most of people have only one phone number , it’s not easy to get extra wechat account.

Recently , I found a new way to create Wechat account , we can sign up Wechat via TextNow App which provides a free US phone number after registration , and you can register lots Wechat accounts as many as you need ! TextNow mobile App is avalable on both of Android and iOS systems , you could refer the post below to know more about TextNow.

Get TextNow Number :  Register multiple TextNow accounts

Create Wechat account


Registration Process


Process :  1. Sign up a TextNow account → 2. Receive a free US phone number  → Register Wechat via TextNow number


▼  Receiving your TextNow free US number , and we open our wechat app , choose “Sign Up” and select United States (+1) as your Region , then we input your TextNow Number , Name , and Password in the corresponding field. 

wechat sign up

Verification – 1


Check to agree the terms and Press “Next” , then Start the Security Verification.

create wechat

Verification – 2


Drag the slider to complete the puzzle , then the system will verify your phone number , it would take a some time….

register wechat

Verification – 3


▼ After phone number verification , we will receive SMS verification code on our TextNow App, if you didn’t receive it , please click “No verification code received” , then select “Verify via Phone Call” and click “Receive Phone Call“.

wechat account registration

Verification – 4


▼ After pressing “Verify via Phone Call” , we will receive the call soon , Accept the call and you can hear your verification code ,  fill it in the field and click “Next” , and we’ve completed our WeChat registration.

wechat id create

Enter your WeChat account


▼ After entering Wechat App , skipping “Find WeChat Friends” and you could enter Wechat directly. 

register wechat without phone number

Enter your WeChat account


▼ Getting your new wechat account , don’t forget to write down your Wechat ID , you could log in  or verify your account via your wechat ID.  And if you register WeChat via TextNow Free Phone Number , the number has time limit , I would suggest you add login information to your WeChat account , in case your TextNow number is invalid. To know more details , please refer the post below.

If you’ve encounter the problem with Friend verification , could refer Help friend Register on Wechat to solve.

set up wechat

You can get your new WeChat account after completing above easy steps , if you like this post , please SHARE it , ThankS ! You could find more related posts below , please have a look. 

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