Register multiple Baidu account

Some people may want to have more than one Baidu account, they might need more Baidu Pan storage space, or other Baidu services ,  spent some time testing how to create multiple Baidu account , actually , it’s quiet easy! In this tutorial, I will show you how to Register multiple Baidu account , let’s have a look! 

Register multiple Baidu account


When we create a Baidu account , normally need to bind a phone number to that account , and we could unbind our phone number after registration (Log onto your account > Account Setting > Security Tools > Bind a E-mail >Unbind your Phone number) , I ever registered a few Baidu accounts through this way.

But recently , there are some restrictions when I registered Baidu account via the same phone number , I can’t register Baidu that often , have to wait for a period of time (not sure how long it is). After some tests , I found similar and  alternative way to Register multiple Baidu account , only follow these steps : 

Process :  1. Sign up TextNow account via E-mail > 2. Register Baidu account via TextNow free US Phone number


How to create multiple Baidu account

Step.1 Sign up TextNow account via E-mail


TextNow is a free mobile application , and it is available on both Android and iOS system, we could sign up a TextNow account via a mailbox , you can enter Create multiple TextNow accounts to see how to download and register TextNow app.

How to create multiple Baidu account

Step.2 Register Baidu account via TextNow free US Phone number


▼ With your free US phone number , we could refer the tutorial below to register your new Baidu account fast ! 

How to create Baidu account ? :  Fail to Sign up Baidu ?

Note :  Choose US (+1) as your Country when registering via TextNow Phone Number.

sign up multiple Baidu

We could register successfully by following these steps , getting free phone numbers from TextNow is easy and fast , and you could create lots of Baidu accounts as you want , if it works for you , please SHARE this post , thanks! 

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