Recover account on WeChat Help Center

Some people might have tried lots of way to unblock their WeChat account, but still can’t recover it, and here we’re introducing another method to help you fix your account problem, let’s have a look at how to Recover account on Wechat Help Center ~

Recover account on WeChat Help Center


Previously, we talked about Can’t log in your Wechat account, trying to recover your account and reset your account password, and in this post, we will introduce how to solve your problem via WeChat Help Center, let’s see how to use it. 


Submit your problem to Help Center

Mobile Site


We tested on WeChat Help Center mobile and desktop site, and we recommend that you use desktop site, you can switch the language to English on desktop site.

Open Site : WeChat Help Center

▼ For mobile device users, you can try to translate via your browser and refer the steps below.

Submit your problem to Help Center

Desktop Site : Change language


Open Site :  WeChat Help Center

▼  For computer and laptop users, we open the page, click on English at the top-right corner, and this page will be in English.

wechat unblock account

How to use it ? Two Steps


▼ Here are two steps to do in this page, the first one is to describe your questions and suggestions.

Another one is to leave your contact info, and their customer support team will investigate and communicate with you about your query. 

wechat customer service

Step 1-1 Platform > Region


▼ Firstly , select your Platform, then select your Region.

wechat support account recovery

Step 1-2 Catefory


▼ Next, select category of  your question, then select subcategory.

wechat support center

Step 1-3 Description > screenshot


▼ Describe your question or suggestion on Description field, and click on Upload screenshot to upload(at least 1 pic).

wechat help center

Step 2 contact info > Submit


▼ In Step 2,  Enter your WeChat ID or Mobile Number, your Email and select to be contacted by Email or WeChat.

Read the explanation and Privacy Policy, confirm all info above again, then click on Submit.

wechat support page



▼ And your submission completed successfully, the page will redirect to Help Center(, you can check other questions here.

Then wait for the WeChat customer support team to contact with you~ Hope that everyone can solve problem smoothly.

wechat support account recovery

Summary :  If you have any problem on WeChat, could refer the steps above to address your question or suggestion on WeChat Help Center,  please share this post if it works on you ,thanks.

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