Download QQ International

Lots of people use QQ to communicate with their friends, if your want to try QQ, you can refer this post to Download QQ International, let’s see how to Get QQ International App~

Download QQ International


In this post , we will share how to get QQ International Application for Android and iOS, you can choose a part to read according to your device type.

If you want to download QQ mobile app, please refer to QQ Mobile to get it.


Get QQ International App

Android App (1) QQ I Desktop Site


Open page :  QQ Official Site

▼ For Android phone and tablet users, to get QQ International app, we recommend that you enter QQ official site to get it, firstly, open the page, and change it to Desktop site via your browser, then tap 下载Download at the top of the page.

Get QQ International App

Android App (1) QQ II Download


▼ You can find different version of QQ apps at the bottom, then tap 下载Download on QQ国际Android版 QQ International for Android.

qq international apk

Android App (1) QQ III Done


ALLOW your browser to access your files(if need), then it will start Downloading Apk file

qq international english

Android App (2) Back-up Site


Open Site :  Back-up site

▼ Once you can’t get Apk from official site, you can open this link above to 腾讯应用宝 QQ App store, tap 普通下载Normal Download, Confirm that you download via a normal browser, and tap on OK to get it.


The above are how we get QQ International for Android, you can find more related posts below, and we will introduce for iOS devices in the following part, BTW, please share this to your friends if it works on you (SHARE Button is at the bottom) ! 

download qq international for android

iOS App


▼ For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, we can not find it from the store outside of China, even on China App Store, please try to use Android version or QQ Mobile app .

search QQ International from App Store directly, and you can get it from the store.

App Store :  QQ International

You can also open the link above to enter App Store to get it.

download qq app

Follow the steps in this post, and you will get QQ international app easily, please SHARE this post if it works on you , thanks! 

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