How to Unclog toilet | Lab Plastic wrap save my toilet?!

After using my toilet this morning,  it seemed to be clogged , I flushed the toilet a few times , and the water was rising higher and higher , it looked terribly ! Tried a lot way to unclog it , and I’ve found a good way , could Plastic wrap save my toilet?! Let’s see how to How to Unclog toilet !

How to Unclog toilet


How to Unclog toilet


I googled and found some way from the internet , most of them failed! 

1. Lots of water  → Fail 

2. Hot water and soda → Fail 

3. Hot water and shampoo → Fail

4. Unclog with cloth hanger or some stick → Fail

5. Unclog with plastic wrap → Success !!!


Some people would have some question and wonder how these tips failed , I will tell you in detail .

Q1. How much hot water did you pour in your toilet? Why did it fail? 

A1. I use electric kettle to cook hot water, poured 1.5 liters water in the toilet , after these I poured hot water with soda and shampoo, and with no response.(Total 4.5 liter hot water)

Q2. How much soda did you add in the hot water ?  Why did it fail? 

A2. I added about 2 spoons of soda (about 20 gram) in hot water , and poured it in the  toilet, waiting for a while and there was no response.

Q3. Did shampoo and hot water work ? Why did it fail? 

A3. Added 1.5 L hot water and lots of shampoo in the toilet, I saw many bubbles in the toilet, kept waiting and the water got 2~3 cm lower , and that is all , the same with no response. 

Q4. Did the cloth hanger or stick work? 

A4. I made the wire cloth hanger straight , wearing plastic gloves trying to unclog my toilet(very disgusting), but it is hard to know how to unclog it , totally didn’t work……,and I also tried with chopstick , also failed , it was to short! (Skip this! )


Q5. I saw some people using the tape to unclog their toilet , did it work? 

A5. Yes , it worked properly ! This is a easy way to unclog your toilet, and I didn’t use tape , I was using plastic wrap to do this , it also worked!

Plastic wrap save my toilet

Here are the steps : 


Step1. Put a plastic bag aside 

First, we put a small plastic bag aside for used  plastic wrap.

Step2. Prepare plastic wrap

Get your plastic wrap instead of your tape, to avoid making your toilet sticky.

Step3. Tear 3~4  plastic wraps 

If your plastic wrap is shorter , you can tear more ,  the length must be longer than your toilet, we need to cover whole toilet .

Step4. Put plastic wrap one by one on your toilet(Put your seat cover up)

Our purpose is using plastic wrap to make your toilet vacuumed , each wrap is better to be covered by other wrap at least 30 %, and the toilet won’t ingress of air easily.

Step5. Check your wrap , and put your seat cover down

Check your wrap is tight enough , and put your seat cover down.

Step6. Flush your toilet 

In my experience , after flushing the toilet , the water level will go up, but don’t worry , it will flush properly! 

Step7. Take the used wrap into the plastic bag


Follow these tips , and you can solve your toilet problem , hope all of you do it nicely, if you like my article , please share this to all of your friends , thank you!