How to Sign up for China Apple ID | iOS

Some iOS users may need to download application or to use services from China App Store , but we are limited to get access to those resources on different registered Country , here is a way to help : Create China Mainland Apple ID , if you have similar problem like this , could refer this post to know How to Sign up for China Apple ID , let’s see !

How to Sign up for China Apple ID


Before we start, I would recommend that you register Apple ID via mobile device when following our instruction, let’s see the steps below.


Create China Mainland Apple ID

Step 1 Registration Page


Enter Site :  Apple ID Login Page

▼ First , open Apple ID login page in your browser and scroll down to  click Create your Apple ID to enter the Registration Page.

Create China Mainland Apple ID

Step 2 Region & Basic infos


▼ In registration page , we click on COUNTRY / REGION to Select China mainland , and fill in the basic information such as Last name , First name, birthday and e-mail , this email will be your Apple ID.

Note : We can input English name here.

china apple id and password free

Step 3 Security & Phone Number


▼ Scroll down the page and enter password , confirm password and security questions and answers 1~3.

Next , you will need to fill in a mainland China phone number , it must be the most difficult part for readers , but don’t worry , we will provide you a tool to get a free phone number , let’s look at how to do it.

china apple id phone number

Step 4 WeChat & eSender


▼  To get a free China mobile number, we can use a service in WeChat application, its name is eSender which provides users a 7-day free China SMS service , 

Open WeChat app and follow eSender official account , and then we can register the service to get the free number , please refer eSender : Free Mainland China Number to know more details.

Note 1 :  eSender is only free to receive SMS for 7 days , it may be a problem to verify or change the phone number afterwards.

Note 2 : Could also refer Free to Receive China SMS to verify, but this ID will be bound with this number, account security would be a serious problem.

china apple id without phone number

Step 5 Free Phone Number


▼ Completed eSender registration and got the Free Phone Number , we enter the Phone Number in the field and choose to verify with Text message.

china apple id create

Step 6 Continue & Verify Email


▼ Enter the image verification Code, press Continue to submit the form, then open your email account to receive the verification letter, enter the verification Code into the field, and press Next.

china apple id address

Step 7 Verify Phone I


▼ This step is to Verify Phone, if you do not receive the SMS verification code in eSender , please press Didn’t get a code ? and select Resend Code , and you will be receiving your Apple ID Verification Code in eSender.

Note : If you did not receive it, please try it a few times , I clicked twice to get it when registering.

create a china apple id

Step 8 Verify Phone II & Get Apple ID


▼ Enter the Code and press Next , and you’ve registered successfully! 

how to make a china apple id

Step 8 Sign Out


▼ Getting our China Apple ID, we can open App Store now , please back up your files if needed before you log out your account.

Then , open Today page and press Account , then click Sign Out

apple id china region

Step 9 Sign In (New)


▼ Enter your new Apple ID , password , and press Sign In , waiting for a while , we click on Review.  

apple id for china

Step 10 Check & Payment Method


▼ In this page , we check the box to Agree to Terms and Conditions and press Next.

Then , we need to fill in some information in following page to complete your Apple ID , the PAYMENT METHOD is preset to None.

china apple id generator

Step 11 Billing Address & Completion


▼ Next , fill in the Required fields in BILLING ADDRESS , you can enter address in English , then press Next to submit this form , and your Apple ID Completed

Note : Postcode is a 6-digit number.

china apple id email

Step 12 Continue


App Store :  QQ Music Download Page

▼ Pressing Continue to enter App Store , now you can open some Chinese Application Download Page and click GET to help you switch Store Region quickly.

how to register china apple id

China Mainland Apple ID

Step 13 Done !


▼ After change the region , you can start to GET apps from China mainland Store! 

how to apply china apple id

Following  the step above , you would create a new Apple ID easily , if it works on you , please let more people know how to register!  And there are more Related Posts below, could check it out to know more!