How to Register QQ | Overseas Tutorial , EASY! (2019)

Hi, I’m Golden Pig, you want to register QQ number overseas ? Feel difficult to get a QQ account ? You could refer the registration process here to know How to Register QQ outside China , only follow few easy steps in this tutorial ! Take a look~

How to Register QQ


How to Register QQ


▼First , open your browser and google ” register QQ , then click the first website

register qq account

Register QQ outside China

Registration page


▼ It is QQ registration page in English, you can also click this link here ( QQ Registration page )

register qq international

Register QQ outside China

1. Translate 

When you are in the registration page , right click to translate this page into your native language ,it will be easier for you to understand. 

2. Country code + Phone number

Then we start from the area, please choose your own country code, fill in your Cell phone number  , and click “Send”.

sign up qq

Register QQ outside China

3. Verification code + Complete rest of Registration

When you get verification code , fill it in the blank ,then we input our nickname , password, pushing the “Sign up now” button.

4. Sign up sucessfully

Then we are going to next page,it shows our registration successes .Please be noted , the digits is your QQ numberI strongly suggest you write it down or remember it ,the number and your password are what we use to log in later.

qq registration

Register QQ outside China

Fail ?


With these easy steps , we complete QQ registration. Thanks for watching , please give me a LIKE and SHARE my article. If you have problem like ”  Sorry, server is busy . Please try again later .” , ” Too many attempts … ” or ” verify your id … ” , please enter post below to solve it .

Register QQ from outside China :  Server is busy ? Create a QQ account

qq solutions

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