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Pairing AmazFit Watch | Tutorial | App Pairing ! EASY(2018)

Pairing AmazFit Watch | Tutorial | App Pairing ! EASY(2018)

Hi, guys , my Amazfit Watch model  is  Amazfit Pace When I use this watch , met big problem that I couldn’t pair with my smart phone! Followed the official steps, but it didn’t work. I’ve tried so many ways to solve this , finally, Pairing AmazFit Watch successfully , and I will show you how to do it, just follow easy steps!  

Pairing AmazFit Watch


Pairing AmazFit Watch

AmazFit Watch


I downloaded Amazfit Watch Application from Google Play Store, then I opened the App and try to scanned QR code from my watch, there’s no response for a while , finally showed a error message as below : 

Cannot pairing Amazfit sports watch, please go to Chinese mainland app store to download .  Tried many times, and I got the same result……

After that I google some solution from the internet,  they all didn’t work!! You could skip these……

1.Recovery your watch to defalut setting

2.Reinstall your app 

3.Unpair old device

4.Download old version of Application 


Pair AmazFit Watch


And finally I found the way to solve this problem, please follow these steps:

1.Uninstall your current Appication on your phone

2.Unpair your old device(you could skip this if new…)

3.Recovery your watch(you could skip this if new…)

4.Download Official Application from China, 


pair amazfit

5.Register an Mi account from Official website ,and use this account to log in your Application


6. After Logging into the app , pairing your watch with new app , it works properly!  

Relly happy to solve this problem ,please share this article if it works on your phone ,Thanks!   


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