Get 2T Free Baidu Pan Space | Free Extend your Baidu cloud

Hi, guys, do you want to Get 2T Free Baidu Pan Space (baidu cloud space) ? As long as you do some easy steps , you could get it! Just follow this tutorial ~ 

Get 2T Free Baidu Pan Space


Get 2T Free Baidu Pan Space


If you don’t have a baidu account , click the link below 

Tutorial to get a baidu account 


If you have a baidu account already , enter this official event page below

You will see the page as below, and we choose android or iPhone baidu pan app to download, you can also scan the QR code , we have to download and install baidu pan app to get free space.

baidu 2t

▼I will demonstrate how to get 2 tb free space with Android appAfter installing app, we click log in(登录) as left picture , and we log in(登录) our baidu account(right). 

baiduyun 2tb

▼Then we have to press the button to Send Verification Code(发送验证码), when you get it , type  it in to the blank , and press the blue button(确定) below.  

baiduyun 2t

▼After logging in our baidu account , click blue buttons to do some basic cloud setting (left), and authorize(授权) some permissions(right). 

baidu pan 2tb

▼After authorizing , we can see the yellow picture shows we have 1T free space now , if you have  credit card from Mainland China, you can click the red button to get 1t more free space . 

baidu cloud 2t

▼And we can click the button at the bottom of your app, and it will show your storage size, it is 1T now !

baidu 2tb

After these easy steps, you can get free baidu cloud space. If you like my article , please share this to your friends , thank you! 

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