Get 2T Free Baidu Pan Space

Want to Get 2T Free Baidu Pan Space (baidu cloud space) ? As long as you do some easy steps , you could get it! Just follow this tutorial ~ 

Get 2T Free Baidu Pan Space


How to get free Baidu storage


To get free Baidu Pan space, we need a Baidu account, if you don’t have a baidu account , could refer How to create Baidu account to sign up for a account.


Have a baidu account already? Please refer Baidu Pan for mobile to get mobile app(APK).

baidu 2t

▼I will demonstrate how to get 2 tb free space with Android appAfter installing app, we click log in(登录) as left picture , and we log in(登录) our baidu account(right). 

baiduyun 2tb

▼Then we have to press the button to Send Verification Code(发送验证码), when you get it , type  it in to the blank , and press the blue button(确定) below.  

baiduyun 2t

▼After logging in our baidu account , click blue buttons to do some basic cloud setting (left), and authorize(授权) some permissions(right). 

baidu pan 2tb

▼After authorizing , we can see the yellow picture shows we have 1T free space now , if you have  credit card from Mainland China, you can click the red button to get 1t more free space . 

baidu cloud 2t

▼And we can click the button at the bottom of your app, and it will show your storage size, it is 1T now !

baidu 2tb

After these easy steps, you can get free baidu cloud space. If you like my article , please share this to your friends , thank you!