How to create Baidu account ?| Fail to Sign up Baidu ? The system detects ?! (2020)

People when registering Baidu may get an error message as ” The system detects that the current account  is registered through an illegal channel… ” , or Fail to Sign up Baidu without Phone Number from Mainland China , you could find How to create Baidu account in this post , let’s take a look~

How to create Baidu account


In this post, we will introduce how to create a new Baidu account, let’s see the steps below.


Sign up Baidu account

Fail to sign up ?


▼  I used to share Register Baidu before, we could  open a link from the post , and we were be able to choose Country code and register via your own mobile phone number , but this page seems to be blocked recently , you would only receive error message ” The system detects that the current account is registered through illegal channels. For the security of your account, please use the formal channel to register ” when clicking Receive SMS Code Button , lots of readers must have seen this before. 

Sign up Baidu

How ?


Through many tests, I’ve found that most platforms from Baidu only provide registration via Mainland China mobile phone . but we can use a mobile application to register Baidu account without Chinese phone number, its name is DuSpeaker

For iOS devices ?


▼ Tested the iOS version of DuSpeaker app (小度音箱) , it only provide registration via Chinese mobile phone ,we can’t complete registration normally (can’t see Username and set Password), so readers who use the Apple mobile device are recommended to refer Sign up for a Baidu account to get it.

register baidu account

Step 1 : Get DuSpeaker for Android


▼ To create a Baidu account in DuSpeaker ,first we need to get the Android version of DuSpeaker, could refer Download DuSpeaker app to get it.

register baidu singapore

Step 2 : Installation


▼ Got the APK file, press Confirm确定 and then click Install安装.

register baidu overseas

Step 3 : Permission


▼  Once the installation is completed, press OPEN開啟 to turn on this app, and Allow允許 DuSpeaker to get access to the device’s storage authority.

register baidu pan

Step 4 :  Sign In > Sign Up


▼Next , we 1. Check the box to agree to Service Agreement服务协议 and Privacy Policy隐私政策 (please read it yourself),  press 2. Sign in 使用百度帐号登录(blue button), then you will enter the Baidu Login Page, and tap on 3. Sign Up注册 to start your registration process.

baidu account hk

Step 5 :  Phone Number > Sign up Now


▼ Click +86 to Select your Country Code , enter your Phone Number , and tap on Sign Up Now立即注册.

baidu account reddit

Step 6 : Verification


▼ Next , Drag the button to the rightmost to complete safety verification, and you will receive SMS verification code , then enter the Code .

Note : If you can’t receive SMS verification code , please click 没收到验证码? .

baidu international sign up

Step 7 : Username and Password > Not now


▼ Completed the verification , and we are almost there , here we are going to set up your account information .

Enter your Username in the 用戶名 field and your Password in the 密码 field , click Confirm确定 to submit , your registration is completed successfully.

The next page is for face-login feature , we click Not now 暂不开启 here.

baidu account india

Step 8 : Verify your Number


▼ Then press Enabled It Now立即启用 to enter the main screen of  DuSpeaker application, now that you have completed Baidu registration.


If you couldn’t create Baidu account, please refer Sign up for a Baidu account to get one.

baidu account english

Through the steps above,  thought you’ve built your Baidu account successfully, if it works on you , please let more people know how to register!  And there are more Related Posts below, could check it out to know more!

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