How to avoid sensitive media on Twitter

Don’t want to have sensitive media when browsing your Twitter App? It’s easy to control whether you see sensitive content, let’s go and see How to avoid sensitive media on twitter ~

How to avoid sensitive media on Twitter


In this post , we will introduce how to control your content settings on Twitter (for iOS and Android Application) , you can pick a part to read according to your device type.

For website users , you can refer Block sensitive content on Twitter to change your content settings.


Control your content settings

iOS App :


▼ For Apple iphone , iPad , and iPod touch users , we can’t do related settings on Twitter (for iOS) , but we can do it via website , you can refer Block sensitive content on Twitter to change your content settings on the website.

And you also can follow the steps below (Android part) to set, if you have a Android device at hand.

Control your content settings on twitter

Android App ( 1 ) Profile > Settings and privacy


▼ For Android phone and tablet users , to change your content settings , first we open Profile , then tap on Settings and privacy.

twitter content blocker

Android App ( 2 ) Safety


There are two related settings, one is in Privacy and safety , the other is in Content preferences.  

▼ We tap Privacy and safety , scroll down to Safety category , and you will see Display media that may contain sensitive content

 Disable this feature and you will get a warning message before browsing  potentially sensitive media.

twitter content control

Android App ( 3 ) Search setting


▼ Next , we back to Settings and privacy page , tap on Content preferences , and click Search settings , here you will see Hide sensitive content feature.

Enable this one , and it will prevents Tweets with potentially sensitive content from displaying in your search results.

twitter content filter

Conclusion : Following these steps above , and you will block and filtrate sensitive content and search results in your Twitter feed ,  if you Like this post , please let more people know ! Thanks.