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Are you looking for a Mainland China phone number ? If you need a China mobile number to receive SMS or verity some online accounts , could try to use eSender , it will provide us a Free Mainland China Number after registration , to know How to get free China phone number , you can find the steps in this post ! 

How to get free China phone number


We are going to introduce a service called eSender 易博通 , which provides users a 7-day free Mainland China Number , you can start to receive Chinese SMS for free after registration. To get this number , first you will need to download WeChat Mobile Application , and sign in or sign up a WeChat account ,  then follow the steps below to get your free phone number.


Free Mainland China Number



▼ After you log in to your WeChat app , choose Chats or Contacts page at the bottom ,then press Search and enter esender , clicking on the result named 易博通esender ,  and you will find their official account , next we press 易博通eSender .

Free Mainland China Number

Step 1 – Follow


▼ In the official account page , clicking on Follow and we will see service page , you can click Com info to know more about this service.

china disposable number

Step 2 – General Number


▼ To get a free phone number , we click 1. eSender at the bottom , and select 2. Registration service .

Next , choose 3. Mainland China Number and 4. General Number Registration.

china number for sms verification

Step 3 – Registration I


▼ In registration form , fill in you Gender , Customer name , Contact Number, if you can’t find you Country Code here, please select other.

Chooser a Type of Document and input Document number , then fill in CK8888 in Promotion Code/PIN item, you will have a free number for 7 days.

Note : If the Promotion Code is invalid , please leave a message below.

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Step 4 – Registration II


▼ Next , input the Verification Code and press Submit , check your information again , and click on Confirm .

get a china phone number

Step 5 – Agreement


▼ The following page is service agreement in Chinese , please read it yourself , and contact their company with further assistance if any. Then stroll down the page.

china mobile number generator

Step 6 – Submit & Get your Number


▼ If you agree with their service agreement and policy, click 1. I agree…本人同意以上條款及細則  , the next question is for personal data collection and usage, I will recommend to choose  2. I do not agree… 本人不同意博元使用任何本人的個人資料促銷用途。

Press 3. Submit and you will get your free 4. Mainland China Number (+86….) , this number will be valid in 7 days , and you can click 5. OK to close this page.

mainland china phone number

Step 7 – Done


▼ Getting this number , and you can start trying to receive SMS . If you receive a message , you can find it in eSender account on WeChat, which is very easy to understand.

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Getting this free Chinese mobile number, you can use it to verify the website you need, or on any personal use. I think that all of you will get this number easily , if you Like this post , please let more people know ! Thanks.