Receive China SMS Online

Need a number for SMS verification? You could try to Receive China SMS Online via the platforms in this posts, let’s check these China virtual phone numbers out~

Receive China SMS Online


In this post, we will introduce three free platform to receive China SMS online, let’s have a look~ 


China virtual phone numbers

Instruction for use


▼ Enter these platforms, you normally see instruction for use, before we go further, we strongly recommend you read instruction, and to be fully responsible.

  • Everyone can read you message.
  • Other people can reset password via this number.
  • Please do not receive important messages at this number.
  • Be responsible for any loss.

China virtual phone numbers

(1) 云短信 I China Number


Open site : 云短信

▼ The first site named 云短信, open the link above, you will see the instruction for use.

Move down, and you will find China Mainland numbers(+86), fill this number in the service, then tap Send message(Or Submit).

Note :  You could translate this page via your browser.

china sms verification online free

(1) 云短信 II Read SMS


▼ After sending message, tap 阅读短信 Read SMS, you can find your message.

If you didn’t see any related message, please refresh or enter the page again;Still not? Try to send SMS one more time, or use other number.  

receive china sms online

(2) 云接码


Open site: 云接码

▼ The second platform named 云接码, open the page and move down to find China mobile number(+86).

Fill in the number and send message, then tap 接收短信 Receive SMS to find your message.

If you did’t receive message, please refresh the page, you can also resend message or try other number to receive.

china phone number


(3) Z-SMS


Open site : Z-SMS

▼ The third site named Z-SMS, you will see instruction when entering, move down to China number(+86), fill in the number and send SMS, then tap 阅读短信 Read SMS to get message.

Didn’t see any message? Please refresh or enter the page again, if still not, try to send again or try other number.。

free china number

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