Cant log in your Wechat account

Sometimes, you may forget your password when switching or logging into your account, and how to Reset your WeChat Password?We’ve organized the way to solve this, if you Can’t log in your WeChat account, just follow the steps in this post~

Can't log in your Wechat account


Can’t log in your WeChat account


In this post, we will introduce how to recover your account on WeChat, let’s see how to do it.


Reset your WeChat Password

Step (1) Unable to Log in ?


▼ If you forget your account or password, you can try to tap Unable to Log in ? to recover your account on login page.

Reset your WeChat Password

Step (2) Mobile Number / QQ Number


▼ And you will have a few methods to log in or reset your password.

If you forget your password, you can select Via Linked Mobile Number, and follow the instruction to log in via your mobile number , then choose SMS verification code to log in. After logging into your account, you can reset your password.

If your Mobile Number is not available and you also forget your WeChat ID, you can tap Via Linked QQ Number ,if you’ve linked it to your account.

how to reset wechat account password

Step (3) Email > Message Sent


▼ If you have linked your E-mail address to your account, tap Via Linked Email, enter your Email address and tap Next, the system will sent you a link to reset your password.

Note : If you can’t recover via these, could tap and refer Request Account Recovery

wechat reset password via email

Step (4) Link >  New Password


▼ Open the mail , Tap the link, and enter New Password twice. 

wechat forgot password

Step (5) Confirm > Done


▼ Tap 确定 Confirm and your Password Reset Successfully.

wechat forgot account

Step (6) Log in


▼ Go back to WeChat, and you can log in with your new password~

wechat login reset

Summary :  If you can’t log into your WeChat account, could try the steps above to recover your account,  please share this post if it works on you ,thanks.

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