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In previous QQ registration tutorial , I shared how Register QQ from outside China via VPN application , but some users still replied error messages like ” Too many attempts …” or “Send Message to …” . In recent tests , I found a new error msg like ” Server is busy … ” . and finally I found a new solution , it works fine on both computers and mobile devices , if you have similar problems , could refer this post to Create a QQ account .

Register QQ from outside China


Before we go further , please note this post is for people can’t register QQ , if you haven’t tried to register QQ , please refer  How to Register QQ to sign up.


Create a QQ account

Server is busy ?!


▼ Some people might register directly like me , and got the messages like “ Sorry, server is busy . Please try again later . ” (Other error message are ” Too many attempts …” or ” Please send SMS to help us verify your identification “.

Tried different ways , and I’ve finally created QQ account via a special browser , let’s see which it is . 

Create a QQ account


Before we talk about this tool , I would like to introduce post structure , we would use computer to create QQ account in the first part , and use mobile devices in the rest part, we are going to use Tor browser to create QQ account.


Desktop website 1 Get Tor browser for Desktop


▼ For desktop device users, please refer Tor Browser for Desktop to get Tor(Windows /Mac /Linux ), installation instructions is also included.

qq register too many attempts

Desktop website  2 Enter registration page


Enter page : QQ registration page

▼ Open your tor browser , and don’t need to do any special setting , simply open QQ registration page , then fill in your Nickname , Password , and select your Country code.

qq please send sms

Desktop website  3 Verify your phone number


▼ Type in your Phone number , then click Send SMS verification code, after receiving SMS verification code on your phone, fill the verification code in the blank , then press Sign up now.

register qq account

Desktop website  4 Registered successfully 


▼ Completed above steps , you’ve Registered successfully and got your QQ number which could log in your QQ account , please remember to log in your account within 3 days , or your account will be recycled(invalid). 

The above are how we register QQ via Tor browser(for PC) , if you still can’t register QQ successfully , please refer How to create a QQ account to apply , we will introduce how to sign up QQ via Tor(for Android) in the following content.

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register qq number


Sign up QQ account

Mobile website  1  Tor browser for Android


▼ I also tested Tor browser for Android, to see how to download Tor mobile, please refer Tor Browser for Mobile .

Note 1 : I was testing via Tor Browser for Android (Alpha), you can also get stable release version in the post.

Note 2 :  You can get app for iOS devices in the post.

register qq mobile

Mobile website  2 START


Enter page : QQ registration page

▼ We open Tor browser app after installation , then press START and wait to Enable browser feature , open QQ registration page when it’s ready , and you can start registration.

register qq international

Mobile website  3 Sign up successfully


▼ Can’t show detail steps here because screenshot feature is disabled in Tor browser App , but completed few easy steps , I’ve Signed up QQ account successfully again(see picture on the right hand side).

After getting your QQ number ,please remember to log in your account within 3 days , or your account will be recycled(invalid). I didn’t enable any special setting on Tor browser in QQ registration process, if you still fail to register , please restart your Tor Browser , it is easy to change a new IP.

If you still can’t register QQ successfully , please refer How to create a QQ account to apply.

sign up qq international

Conclusion : The above are how we register QQ via Tor browser(for Android) , hope all of you could get your QQ account ! If you like this post , please SHARE this for me , THANK YOU! 

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