Create Zhihu account without phone number

Some people might know : Registering a Zhihu account needs to binding a phone number , but I don’t want to bind my number with Zhihu , spending some time to test and I found that we could use a easy tool to Create Zhihu account without phone number , we could also  sign up multiple Zhihu accounts via this tool , let’s see How to register a Zhihu account .

Create Zhihu account outside China


How to register a Zhihu account

Enter Registration Page


To create a Zhihu account , first we get access to , and we could sign up directly , you could click the link below to sign up .

Enter Zhihu :  Sign Up a Zhihu account


Entering the page , choosing Country Code and filling in Phone Number , then we click “获取短信验证码” Receive SMS Verification Code .

How to register a Zhihu account

TextNow – Free US Phone Number


Tested many way and found that we could use TextNow Phone Number to create a Zhihu account , open your mobile phone to download and install TextNow , then create a TextNow account , we will receive a Free TextNow Phone Number, and we could register our Zhihu account via TextNow number. To know how to get free TextNow number , please click the link below. 

TextNow App :  Get your Free TextNow Phone Number


▼ Receiving your TextNow phone number , then you could fill in the number and choose 美国 +1 (US) as your Country Code , clicking “获取短信验证码” Receive SMS Verification Code. 

Create Zhihu account without phone number

Completed Registration


▼ Receiving SMS Verification Code , filling the code in the field and press “注册” Sign Up , then we set up our Username and Password , next , clicking “进入知乎” Enter Zhihu.

zhihu register

Account Settings


▼ In the following page , we type in our profession and click “完成” complete , then choose subjects you’re interested in and click “进入知乎” Enter Zhihu.

zhihu sign up

Enter Registration Page


▼ Following these steps , and you’ve created your Zhihu account , if this account is for long term usage, please note that TextNow number has time limit , you could replace a new TextNow number or add up a recovery E-mail to verify your ID. 

zhihu account

Binding E-mail-1


▼ To add or change your binding info , you could click Account Image at the upper right corner and choose “设置” Settings , then we could see binding phone number and binding E-mail in following page,  you could also change your phone/E-mail here , and we find “绑定邮箱” binding E-mail and click “编辑” Edit to bind an E-mail to your account.

ZHIhu phone number

Binding E-mail-2


▼ Verifying our ID (Phone Number) before we add up an E-mail ,  choosing “获取短信验证码” Receive SMS Verification Code , filling in the code in the field , then we press  “验证” Verify.

zhihu binding

Binding E-mail-3


▼ After we verified  our ID , we can click “绑定邮箱” Binding your E-mail , enter our E-mail address and click “发送验证码” Send Verification Code. 

zhihu english

Binding E-mail-4


▼ Next , open your mail to receive verification code , fill it in the blank and click “绑定” Bind up , and we’ve added up an E-mail successfully. You could also change E-mail here.

To replace your phone number , you can click “绑定手机” binding phone number to replace a new Phone number.

zhihu tutorial

Create multiple Zhihu accounts


▼ To create multiple Zhihu accounts , you can refer the post below to sign up more TextNow phone numbers to to register multiple Zhihu accounts.

TextNow App :  Create multiple TextNow Phone Number

zhihu english version

If you don’t have phone number to bind up with Zhihu , you could refer this post to create Zhihu account via TextNow number , it is quite simple to get a TextNow account ! And if you LIKE this post , please SHARE it , thank you!