Create multiple Weibo accounts

Some people may need more than one Weibo account due to certain needs , there are email and phone number registration available in Weibo , so we might need different emails or phone numbers . Recently, I found a way to Create multiple Weibo accounts via only one gmail account , we don’t need to create lots of email to do it , let’s see how to Register multiple Weibo accounts .

Create multiple Weibo accounts


Register multiple Weibo accounts


We could sign up Weibo account via phone number or email , through practical testing , found out  registering via email doesn’t need to bind a phone number with Weibo account  , so I would recommend registering via email more . To register Weibo account , please click the link below to enter registration page. 

Registration page :  Sign up Weibo


▼ Entered the page , first we click Use Email to register via email , then fill in your Gmail address , image verification code , and click Sign Up Now.  We will use gmail to create multiple Weibo account in this tutorial , if you don’t have any gmail account , please enter the link below ( to get one.

Enter Goolge :  Get a gmail account

Register multiple Weibo accounts

Verify your Phone Number


▼ Next , we need to verify via a phone number , choose your Country Code and fill in your number , then click the “receive SMS Verification Code” button.

sign up weibo without phone number

Free US Phone Number


If you have bound your phone number with a Weibo account , or don’t have any other number available , you could try TextNow App to get a Free US Phone Number to receive SMS verification codes , to download and get a free phone number , please enter the post below! 

Tutorial :  Get a TextNow Free Phone Number


▼ Getting your TextNow Free US Phone Number , you could input the number in the field , and choose U.S. (+1) as your Country. 

sign up weibo using email

Verify your Phone Number


▼ Received SMS Verification Code , please fill it in the blank , then click “Submit”.

sign up weibo english version

Set up your Weibo account


▼ After phone number authentication , update your info and choose your interests , then we could enter weibo.

register weibo without phone

Completed Registration


▼ Following the steps above , we’ve completed our Weibo account registration ,then we will show you how to Create multiple Weibo accounts in the next part of this tutorial ! 

register weibo without number

Gmail alias


To register multiple Weibo account , we are going to use a powerful Gmail feature named Gmail aliasGmail alias is the key tool to register many Weibo accounts , we could add . among your gmail username or add +…… after your username.

Here are two kinds of Gmail Alias , for example :




▼ Through tests , found that we can’t register via username+… or usernam.e+… , we can’t add +…… after your username.  

create weibo account

Gmail alias 


Adding . in our Username could pass email validation , if your email address is , you could do like these :、、……、、……


▼ Added . to my gmail username , I easily passed email validation, Gmail alias works on Weibo registration.

create weibo email

Through practical tests , found out we can sign up Weibo account via Gmail alias , and if you need a number to verify your account , you could try TextNow App to get a free US phone number , easy to get one ! If it works for you , please give us a LIKE , thanks!

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