Create multiple Netease mail | Register NetEase account with free phone number

For people like to use NetEase online services , like NetEase Games , NetEase Music ,  you might need need more than one NetEase account , recently , I found a easy way to Create multiple Netease mail (account) , we could use free phone number to Register NetEase account , let’s see how to do it .

Create multiple Netease mail


Create multiple Netease mail

Register NetEase account


Get a Free US phone Number 


Now registering a NetEase account have to bind up a Phone number , and one phone number could bind up with 15 NetEase accountto create more account must get extra phone numbers  , recently , I found that we could sign up NetEase account with TextNow Free phone number , TextNow app is a free mobile application , it is available on both iOS and Android system , after registering TextNow account , we will receive a free US phone number , then we could use this number to register NetEase . To get your Free phone number , please click the link below. 

TextNow App :   Get your Free phone number

Register NetEase account

Register NetEase account

Enter the registration page


Getting your TextNow phone number , please enter the link below to start registering.

Enter Page  :   Sign up NetEase mail


▼ Opened the page , you could translate it with your browser to sign up with your language , then we fill in 1. Account Info like account , password , and confirm password , 2. Swipe the button to complete the puzzle , then click 3. International Phone number

Next , Select 4. Country Code as +1(US) , fill in 5. Phone number from TextNow , then click 6. Receive Verification Code.

Create multiple Netease account

Register NetEase account

Registered Successfully


▼ Open your TextNow App , you will see the SMS Verification Code , fill in the filed and click “Sign up“, and we ‘ve registered successfully. 

In the next part of tutorial , we will show you how to set up Security Setting and bind up your account with another phone number , I would suggest doing so due to TextNow free phone number with time limit , to recovery or keep your account , please refer the following tutorial.

sign up netease

Register NetEase account

Security Settings


▼ To set up Security Settings , we click “Use PC” and “Fill in Security Questions“, and we are going to NetEase Account Center page. 

register netease

Register NetEase account

NetEase Account Center


▼ On NetEase Account Center page, we click “Receive SMS Verification Code” , getting the code on TextNow App and filling in the code , then clicking “Next“.


Register NetEase account

Set up Security Questions


▼ Verified our id with phone number , we could 1. Set up Security Questions , choosing questions and writing down answers , then taking a screenshot to keep these easily , next we Swipe the button , and click “Next”. 

After setting up Security Questions , we need to 2. Verify Security Questions , referring the screenshot we just took to fill in the answers and to click “Next”.  

register netease account

Register NetEase account

Completed Setting


▼ Verified Security Questions , we’ve add up security setting successfully, you could recovery your account via Security Questions once your TextNow phone number is Invalid. 

To bind up another phone number , enter the link below and log in your account ,  then choose Security Phone Number and click “Change”.

Enter NetEase Account Center :   Set up your account

register netease email

We can create multiple NetEase mail account with TextNow Phone Number , TextNow phone number is free and easy to get , it is really a good tool for registration , but but but there is time limit for TextNow free number , please remember to set up Security Verification Setting to recovery your account. If this post works for you , please SHARE this post , thanks! 

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