Sign up multiple AOL email accounts

Some people might want to create lots email accounts , recently ,I’ve found a simple way to Sign up multiple AOL email accounts ,  it help us Create AOL accounts without phone number , and we can easily verify and manage these Aol mail accounts by only one email account ,  it only takes us few steps , let’s see how to do it ! 

Sign up multiple AOL email accounts


In this tutorial , we will introduce how to create a AOL account without a phone number , then we would talk about registering multiple AOL accounts.


Create aol accounts without phone number

Aol Login page


Login page :   Sign Up your AOL account

▼ To sign up a AOL email account , firstly, we enter AOL Login page, clicking on “Sign Up” to enter Registration page, then we fill in your First name , Last name , email address , password , Country code , phone number , and birthday , next , we click “Continue“.

Create aol accounts without phone number

Verify your phone number


▼  Then we click “Text me an Account key” to receive SMS verification code,  filling the code in the blank , next , we press “Verify“.

aol register free

Registered successfully


▼ Verified your phone number ,and you’ve registered successfully . Clicking on “Continue” to enter,  , then you could start to use your brand new AOL account. 

register aol mail

Add recovery email address -1


But to sign up a AOL account without phone number , please see the following steps setting up your account.  


▼ In Aol mailbox , we click “Options” and choose “Account Info” at the upper right corner , if you are in , please click on your Profile to set up security settigns. Entering Personal Info page , we choose Account security and Add recovery email address.   

sign up aol mail

Add recovery email address -2


▼ Then we input a email address , to sign up multiple AOL accounts , please fill in a Gmail address , next , clicking on Send verification email .  Opening the verification email in your mailbox , then click here to verify your email. 

sign up aol without phone number

Add recovery email address -3


▼  “Verify” in the following page , next , clicking “Return to account settings”  to delete your phone number.

sign up aol account

Delete your phone number


▼  Return to Personal Info page , you could see your Email address added , then we click on your Phone number , and choose “Delete” in the window , you’ve registered a AOL account without phone number ,  then we could use this number to register or bind up with other AOL accounts. In the following tutorial , we will talk about Registering multiple AOL accounts,  it is really easy , let’s keep looking.

create aol account without phone number

Sign up multiple AOL email accounts -1


Login page :   Sign Up your AOL account

▼ Entering Aol Login page the same as before , then we sign up a new account , filling in the registration form , verifying our phone number to complete registration , we could use the same phone number to register.

create aol email without phone number

Sign up multiple AOL email accounts -2


After registration , entering Account Info page to  Add recovery email address , we would register with Gmail alias this time , inputting your Gmail account adding +……here ,  clicking “ Send verification email” , and we could receive verification email successfully.  

Gmail alias is a good tool for registration , we could add in gmail username or add +…… after your username.

Here are two kinds of Gmail Alias :




I would recommend adding +… after your username more , it is easier to understand , remember , and to set order, please refer to the example below , they are considered the different email addresses when registering.

Adding +… after Username : , , 


▼ Using to verify , then I added email and deleted phone number successfully. Following these steps , you could create as many aol accounts as you need , and we could manage these accounts by one gmail account. 

create aol free email account

Binding a email and deleting your binding phone number with your Yahoo account , it’s the way to register multiple AOL accounts , using gmail alias helps us verify and manage these accounts easily , if this works for you , please SHARE this post , thanks!