Download YouTube video online

Are you trying to find a good tool to convert YouTube videos? Here we’re introducing two nice Online YT Downloader websites to help you get the videos you like, let’s see how to Download YouTube video online in this post~

Download YouTube video online


In this post, we’ll introduce two YouTube Downloaders named FLVTO and y2mate, they all provide multiple languages to select, and we would show you how to use them, FLVTO is better for users who want to download it quickly, and y2mate provides different quality sound conversion, let’s check it out.


Online YT Downloader

FLVTO (1) Change Language


Open site :  FLVTO

(we used desktop website here)

▼ To get video quickly, firstly, we open FLVTO and you can click globe button and select the language you prefer.

Online YT Downloader

FLVTO (2) Convert to


▼ Next, copy and paste video 1. Link from YouTube, click MP3 to select 2. File format, then click 3. CONVERT TO to start conversion. 

youtube downloader mp3

FLVTO (3) Transferring


▼ Waiting for the Transferring a while, and it’s time to download it!

There are different methods to download, like normal Download, SENT TO Email or DROPBOX, and via their Downloader software.

youtube downloader mp4

FLVTO (4) Download


▼ Click Download, and it will start automatically. When it is done, you can click CONVERT ANOTHER VIDEO to make another conversion if you like.

The above are how we use FLVTO, and we will introduce y2mate in the following content. BTW, please share this to your friends if it works on you! (SHARE Button is at the bottom) 

youtube downloader free


YouTube Online  Downloader

y2mate (1) Change Language


Open site :  y2mate

(we used desktop website here)

▼ To get different quality of file, we first open y2mate and click English to choose your preferred language.

youtube download audio

y2mate (2) Format


▼ Next, paste 1. Link from Youtube, press 2. Start to get the file types and qualities, then click 3. Format tab like video, mp3 or Audio.

youtube download audio online

y2mate (3) Download > Converting


▼Click on Download and it will start Converting.

youtube audio converter

y2mate (4) Download


▼ Press on Download, and it will start to download automatically, and the file downloaded successfully.

youtube audio format

Conclusion :  Follow the steps above , and you can download Youtube videos quickly, it is also easy to convert it via FLVTO or y2mate,  if this works on you , please help us share this post, you could also find more related posts below, thanks! 

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