Change your region on WeChat

Want to display mock location on your WeChat profile?But how?This time we’re introducing How to update your location, it’s quick and easy to Change your region on Wechat, let’s set this up~

Change your region on Wechat


In this post , we’ll show you how to change your location(region) on WeChat in a few steps, let’s keep looking~


How to update your location ?

Step (1) Me > WeChat ID


▼ To change your location , firstly, we open WeChat mobile app, then open Me page and tap on your avatar or WeChat ID.

How to update your location ?

Step (2) More > Region


▼ Tap More and you will see you current region on Region item(ex: Acre, Brazil).

If you don’t want to display your real region, disable WeChat to get access your location, and you can select any region you want.

wechat region change

Step (3) Region : A-Z


▼ It lists lots of Countries in A to Z order on Region page, some regions have subregion to select, but some don’t.

wechat location change

Step (4) Select > Done


Select the region you would like to display, then tap on Done.

wechat hide region

Step (5) Done


▼ The new region displays on you Profile page right away, and it will need some time to synchronize.

fake location wechat

Conclusion :  Following the step above , and you can easily change your region on WeChat , please share this post if it works on you ,thanks.