How to change your nickname on QQ

Want to update your display name on QQ?If you can’t find where to change it, please follow the steps below to set it up, let’s see How to change your nickname on QQ ~

How to change your nickname on QQ


How to change your nickname on QQ


This time we’ll introduce the way to change your nickname(display name) via QQ application, here are the steps: 


Set up your nickname on QQ

Get QQ App


▼ Don’t have a QQ app? You could refer QQ Mobile to get it.

Note : We use QQ application here, not QQ international app.

Get QQ App

Step (1) Agree


▼ After you install QQ on your device, open app and tap 同意Agree to Service Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Set up your nickname on QQ

Step (2) Login


▼ Tap 登录 Log In, then enter your QQ number/ Mobile number / E-mail, your Password, and tap on to log in.

Note : If you need a new QQ account, could refer Create a QQ account to register.

change name qq

Step (3) Verification


▼ Next , Drag the slider to fit the puzzle, and you are logged in.

how to change qq nickname

Step (4) Avatar > Avatar/Nickname


▼ To change your nickname, tap on your Avatar, then tap your Avatar or Nickname to enter your Profile.

change qq profile

Step (5) Edit Profile > Nickname


▼ Tap 编辑资料 Edit Profile at the bottom of your Profile page, tap 昵称 Nickname to Edit it.

edit nickname on qq app

Step (6) Done


▼ Tap 完成 Done to save it, and you will see your new Nickname on QQ app~

update qq nickname

Conclusion :  Follow these easy steps above , and you can change your QQ nickname, if this works on you , please help us share this post, you could also find more related posts below, thanks! 

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