Change language on Tik Tok China

Getting the Tik Tok China app (Douyin), you might want to change language, but how? This time we are talking about how to Change language on Tik Tok China, let’s check this out~

Change language on Tik Tok China


Change language on Tik Tok China


Previously, we’ve introduced how to get Tik Tok(China version), and we will show you how to Switch language on Douyin in this post.


Switch language on Douyin

Android App


▼ For Android phone and tablet users, we can’t change language setting on Douyin Android app, but you can still watch videos on Douyin.

If you have iOS device at hands , you can get iOS app and follow the steps below to change language. 

Switch language on Douyin

iOS App


▼ For Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users, to change language settings,  we first open your Douyin app.

douyin change language

Step (1) Me > Number > Send code


▼ Tap 我 Me tab, and we need to log in here.

Tap current Country Code and you can select yours , enter your Mobile Number, then tap Send code.  

tiktok change language

Step (2) Image Verification


▼ Next , we Tap on two same form objects from the image , then tap 确认 Confirm to verify it.

tiktok app language

Step (3) SMS Verification


▼ Passing the verification , you will receive SMS verification code , the code is next to 验证码.

Enter the verification code and tap 登录Login, then you have logged in.

tik tok language settings

Step (4) Me > ≡


▼ Tap on 我 Me tab again, and click .

how to change tik tok language

Step (5) Settings > General Settings 


▼ Tap 设置Settings , and tap on 通用设置General Settings.

douyin english version

Step (5) Switch Language


▼ Next , tap on 简体中文, and you can select English, click on 完成Done, and the language settings completed successfully.

douyin in english

Conclusion :  Follow the steps above , and you can change language on Tik Tok China version easily , if this works on you , please help us share this post, you could also find more related posts below, thanks! 

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