How to change password on Baidu

Want to update your Baidu account password? Hard to find where to change it? You can see How to change password on Baidu in this post , we will show you the way to Set up your Baidu password, let’s check it out.

How to change password on Baidu


Recently , we’ve just updated how to Create a new Baidu account, and this time we’re talking about how to change your password on Baidu , let’s see how to do it.


Set up your Baidu password

Step (1) ≡ > Sign In


Open Site :

▼ To change your account password , we first open (we used mobile site here), which is the largest search engine service in China.

We tap from the page, then tap on avatar or 登录 to Sign In.

Set up your Baidu password

Step (2) Sign In Now > Account


▼ Next , tap on 立即登录Sign In Now, then 请输入帐号Enter your Account , you can type in your 手机号Phone number / 用户名Username / 邮箱Email,then tap 下一步Next.

baidu change password

Step (3) Password > Sign In


▼ Enter your 密码Password, and tap on 登录 Sign In.

Note : You can tap 短信验证码登录 to Log in via SMS verification code.

baidu account login password

Step (4) Settings > Account Settings


▼ Tap on Settings (gear button) after logging in, then tap 帐号设置 Account Settings. 

baidu change password

Step (5) Change > Verification


▼ Here we can change your Backup phone number , Login Password ,and Backup email address , we tap 去修改 Change next to 登录密码Login Password , and select a method to verify your ID. account password

Step (6) Email Verification > Change


▼ Your phone or mailbox will receive verification code, enter the Verification Code to verify your ID.

Passing the verification,  tap on 去修改 Change again. 

baidu change password english

Step (7) Password > Confirm > Changed


▼ Enter your new Password , tap on Confirm, and your Password changed successfully

change password en

Conclusion :  Follow the steps above, and you can change your login password on Baidu, if this works on you , please help us share this post, you could also find more related posts below, thanks! 

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