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To change username or password on your Baidu account? We’ll show you how to make it in this post, let’s see the way to configure your Account Setting on Haokan Videos ~

Account Setting on Haokan Videos


In this post, we’ll introduce the way to change your Baidu Username and Password via Haokan Videos app, let’s see the steps below~


Set up your Baidu account

Account Registration


▼ Last time, we’ve introduced how to register for a new Baidu account via Haokan Videos app and log into it, if you haven’t got your new account, please refer Sign up for a Baidu account to get one.

Set up your Baidu account

Step (1) Account Management


▼ Entering this app, we switch to 我的My page, tap the Settings button, then tap on 帐号管理 Account Management to set up your account. 

baidu username and password

Step (2) Username


***  Please think twice before you change your username, every username can only be changed once.

▼ To change your username on your Baidu account, tap …用戶名Username to change your username, fill in a Username, tap 确定Confirm, and your username has been updated.

Note : “帐号存在风险,请设置用户名” means that your account is at risk, please set up your username.

baidu username

Step (3) Password I Verify your ID


▼ To change your password, tap 登录密码 Login Password, then tap 通过手机验证码验证身分 Verify your ID via SMS verification code.

baidu login password

Step (3) Password II Changed


▼ You will be receiving a SMS message, fill in the Verification Code, and you can set up a new Password.

Fill in Password, tap on 确定Confirm, and your Password Changed Successfully.

baidu password

Follow the steps above, and you can log into all Baidu products with your new Username and Password, if this works on you, please share it to more people, thanks~

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